Meet Kasey!

Kasey is a female Black American Coat Giant Schnauzer.
In this photo Kasey is half finished being groomed. This photo was taken on 30 June 2003.

Kasey was born on April 10th, 2002 at Skansen Kennel in Sebastopol, California.
Her father was named Superman and her mother was named Young and the Restless.

Currently Tom and Kasey are taking obedience classes from Superior Dog Training. Superior is owned by Tom Schmitt and he is an excellent dog owner trainer. Kasey has more than enough motivation, if Kasey's Tom could just do a better job with his timing and consistency.

Previously Kasey graduated from Puppy Kindergarden, Advanced Obedience, and the Novice Agility classesas at Spot and Company in Iowa City, Iowa. She really loved agility and ran the course at full speed! With all the training Kasey is doing, she hopes to get her Canine Good Citizenship Certificate soon.

Kasey is now working to become a Search & Rescue dog and is training with Star 1 Search & Technical Rescue. Tom and Kasey have attended several Star 1 training sessions. So far Kasey has been exposed to search divers, boats and open water. Kasey is now thinking she would like to become a trailing dog.

Last fall Kasey visited three dog shows in Iowa and had a great time. It was so much fun she thinks she would like to be shown too, but Tom says there is not time to do everything. For now Tom and Kasey have joined the Hawkeye Kennel Club and Tom is trying to find time to setup their web site.

Someday Kasey thinks that she might even like to become a therapy dog. So far she has already provided lots of therapy to her owner and rescued him from his dull, drab, wretched, couch-potato lifestyle.

03 July 2003